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Tiny Kingdoms: Artist crafts bonsai like you’ve never seen before

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Tiny Kingdoms: Artist crafts bonsai like you’ve never seen before

by Tecca,
November 30th -0001

tecca-bonsai-top-630.jpgBy Mariella Moon, Tecca

If you think all bonsai look like mini trees in somebody’s zen garden, you haven’t seen Takanori Aiba’s pieces yet. The Japanese artist combines bonsai art form with Lilliputian architecture design to create some of the most stunning pieces you will ever see.

On his website, Aiba says his crossover creations are the fruit of his days as a (plain) bonsai maker and maze illustrator. None of his designs are derived from real structures — all of them are products of his imagination. But because the details are so elaborate, people usually think he copies the designs of real buildings.

So just how much time does he take to create one of these exactly? Aiba tells Tecca that each piece is so detailed, it takes him anywhere from three months to a year and a half. The bonsai in the first image below took him six months to finish, while the one in the second picture called Hawaiian Pineapple Resort took him a full year.

Unfortunately, you have to go to Japan if you want to see these artworks in person. Aiba is looking for more opportunities to exhibit his work, though one of his pieces called Hotel de Michelin is currently displayed in his restaurant in Tokyo.


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