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Massive tree roots cause sewer overflow – Whittier Daily News

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Oh those evil tree roots. I’m sure those tree roots just up and punched a hole right through that pipe. Rust, decay, faulty design, lack of maintenance on the pipeline had nothing to do with it. It was that stupid tree. Always getting in the way.


Massive tree roots cause sewer overflow

Traffic passes around water gushing through the asphalt on Painter Avenue south of Hadley Street, Tuesday. (SGVN/Staff photo by Leo Jarzomb)

WHITTIER – City crews patched up a sewer overflow on the corner of Painter Avenue and Hadley Street Tuesday after a massive tree root broke a sewer line. Hundreds of gallons of water sprung through cracks on the street and flowed onto the streets.

“We were able to recover most of what overflowed and clean it up,” David Pelser, public works director, said.

“The cleanup has been completed and everything is fine and ready to go,” he said.

Pelser said that there is no permanent damage.


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June 20, 2012 at 11:53 am

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