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Arlington’s old post oak comes down

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Arlington’s old post oak comes down

In light of the hundreds of thousands of people who lost power, phone service and access to 911 last week, the death of an old tree ranks low on the list of problems from the June 29 derecho storm.

And yet, residents of this historically and environmentally minded area grieved when Arlington County’s oldest tree, a 250-year-old post oak, split and fell during the storm. It was fully taken down this morning under the watchful eye of Arlington County Parks and Recreation.

The wood itself was remarkably heavy and dense because the tree grows so slowly, said Vincent Verweij, an Arlington urban forester. It took the biggest front-end loader available to lift a portion of the trunk off the ground.

Part of the wood will go to the parks department, where Verweij and others will get a better measurement of its age and condition. Some portions of the tree will also be saved for research and display purposes.

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July 10, 2012 at 12:37 pm

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