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Minnesota man accidentally destroys 40,000-square-foot lawn

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Minnesota man accidentally destroys 40,000-square-foot lawn

Rob Olson wanted his lawn to look nice as he prepared to host a fundraiser meant to benefit individuals with Cystic Fibrosis. But the Lake Elmo, Minn., man accidentally killed all of the grass on his 40,000-square-foot lawn after using a pesticide he thought would kill only weeds.

“I think the packaging should say right on it, this will kill your lawn,” Olson told local CNN affiliate KARE, who first reported the story.

Olson says he consulted with employees at the local Dege Garden Center before purchasing five bottles of weed killer, ferti-lome. However, a description on the bottle does warn that it works not only by first killing grass but also by preventing a lawn from being reseeded for up to six months.

And now, Olson has been forced to cancel this year’s Breathe Easy music festival, whose proceeds were to be donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Olson’s two sons, AJ and Jake, suffer form the disease. However, even though the music festival is cancelled, you can still make a donation to the charity.

Last year, Olson raised more than USD 20,000 through the music festival.

Ferti-lome says that a booklet attached to the back of the bottle explains that it is not supposed to be used on grass or other “desirable” garden plants. But Olson notes the information is only found on the second page of the eight-page booklet.

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