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Fall maintenance, rejuvenation and planting of lawns, trees and shrubs

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Rob Zimmer column: Fall maintenance, rejuvenation and planting of lawns, trees and shrubs | Appleton Post-Crescent |

Many gardeners and homeowners work hard throughout the growing season toward their goal of a lush, green, weed-free lawn. Fall is one of the best times of the year to rejuvenate or repair your lawn, or start from scratch and create a whole new green space. Your lawn, after all, is the very floor of your beautiful outdoor room.

Fall is also a great time of year to transplant trees and shrubs into the landscape, whether purchased from a nursery, swapped with friends or neighbors, or simply moved from one location to another in your own yard. For permanent structure and year-round interest in the garden, nothing beats trees and shrubs and the variety available to suit your landscaping needs. Quite literally, they are the walls and the ceiling of your outdoor living space.

From “floor” to “ceiling,” autumn is the season to rejuvenate, re-invent or begin anew your backyard dreams.

Selecting and planting trees and shrubs

Whether you select the latest modern hybrids of old-fashioned favorites, use temporary plants as a seasonal centerpiece, or gravitate toward tried and true native trees and shrubs for your landscaping needs, there are many great choices available. Consult with your local nursery on which plants will work best for your specific soil and light conditions. For great native selections, visit

Fall is one of the best times of the year to plant or transplant trees and shrubs. Even as they change colors and being to lose their leaves, there is still plenty of time for roots to be established before the ground finally freezes and the cooler temperatures, along with plenty of water, reduce shock and stress on the plant.

We select trees and shrubs for a number of different reasons—to provide shade, as a privacy screen, to provide food and shelter for wildlife, for ornamental value. Whatever your purpose, it is important to select the right plant for the location, soil type and light available where you wish to plant. Fall is perhaps the best time of year to purchase nursery stock, as many garden and landscape centers want to reduce inventory and offer great bargains.


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