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Ashland’s Municipal Parking Lot Goes Green

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Richmond CAN do something like this if it wanted to. If it wanted to…

Ashland’s Municipal Parking Lot Goes Green

If you have seen the new Municipal Parking Lot between Hanover Avenue and Railroad Avenue, you probably didn’t realize that under the mild-mannered outer appearance is a SUPER PARKING LOT! While the new lot is beautiful, it has a secret identity of which few are aware. We are told that it is the first lot in the nation to combine two green technologies.
The first of those technologies is permeable pavers with storage beneath. This allows rain water to pass between the pavers to the storage area below. Then the water is either absorbed by the earth or released to the second new feature. These pavers were procured from Eagle Bay Hardscape Products, an Ashland business. The pavers were installed by Bract Retaining Walls & Excavating.
The second green tech feature is a wall-less Filterra bioretention feature. This technology is very new and was supplied by Filterra Bioretention Systems, also an Ashland company. Filterra Bioretention Systems assisted with a great deal of on-site support. The system receives rain either directly or from the permeable paver section of the parking lot. The water passes through Filterra’s proprietary planting medium before any excess is released to the town’s existing storm water system. The “secret” medium has plantings that are specifically chosen to reduce pollutants in the runoff. Filterra donated this planting medium and some of the plantings. Eagle Bay Hardscape Products and Filterra Bioretention Systems will be using our project to showcase their products and services. Three existing Crepe Myrtles were removed and replanted by JGB Creative Services, the landscaping contractor.
Construction was started at the beginning of October with the lofty goal of 80 percent completion by November 10, in time for Ashland’s annual train day. That goal was achieved. The paver portion of the lot was ready for the festivities. This would not have been possible without the great work of our Town contractor, Talley & Armstrong, Inc. The design was supplied by A. Morton Thomas & Associates, Inc. They supplied a great amount of support through the entire project. The end effect of these technologies will be less, and much cleaner, water entering the streams of Ashland.

Written by vaphc

February 26, 2013 at 10:05 am

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