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Pesticide Exposure Linked to Globally Declining Amphibian Population, Report Says – Healthy People, Healthy Planet – MOTHER EARTH NEWS

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Report Links Pesticide Exposure to Globally Declining Amphibian Population

disappearing-frogTerrestrial pesticide exposure may need a closer look as a factor in the globally declining amphibian population, a German and Swiss scientific report says.

The report found that common pesticides could be killing frogs at an alarming rate — just one hour after spraying.

The scientists tested seven common pesticides using an agricultural overspray scenario. Using the recommended label rate of the registered products, scientists found that in just one hour after spraying, the mortality rate was 100 percent. After seven days, the mortality rate was at 40 percent.

For ethical reasons, only three frogs were tested for each product, which raised some concerns for scientists. However, the findings are a catalyst for further study.

Currently, there is a risk assessment for registered pesticide products’ effect on birds and mammals, but there is nothing for amphibians. Perhaps with these findings more research can be conducted and a risk assessment added to pesticide labels for amphibians.

Photo By Fotolia/Patryk Kosmider


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March 9, 2013 at 4:36 pm

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