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Fungus damaging plants in Chesterfield

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Fungus damaging plants in Chesterfield


A fungus, called boxwood blight, is destroying plants in Chesterfield.

Scientists with the Virginia Cooperative Extension office says the fungus is impacting newly planted boxwoods in the Brandermill area, and they’re concerned it could spread into other areas of the county.

Boxwood blight causes black splotches on leaves and cankers on stems, eventually causing them to become entirely bare. This can leave them even more vulnerable, and often leads to the death of a the plant.

Right now, the fungus is only found in a few other places in Virginia.

To check your plant, look on the bottom. The fungus likes dark or damp areas, so it will likely start from the bottom of the plant.

Experts say the symptoms are unmistakable and if you see it- report it immediately.

“I don’t want to leave this with chicken little, the sky is falling,” said Michael Likins, with the Chesterfield Extension Office. “There are some therapies that are out there. They are called fungicides. I can tell you that the chemical industry is actively pursuing the silver bullet.”

Treatment can take several years, and it is likely cheaper to just buy a new plant and treat the soil.

The fungus doesn’t spread quickly, but can spread through garden tools, people, driving rain, or soil

If you think your plants have a problem, call the Chesterfield Extension office.

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