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Potential for Ice Buildup Could Cause Problems for Trees and Power Lines

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Potential for Ice Buildup Could Cause Problems for Trees and Power Lines

RICHMOND (WRIC) – The potential for ice buildup could cause problems for trees and power lines.

An ice storm is something Central Virginia hasn’t seen in some time – not since January 2000.

There are a lot of trees that may not withstand that build up and local tree removers are getting ready.

Philip Tate and his fellow arborists have to get prepared.

The potential for ice buildup has his team worried about trees coming down this weekend.

“Come Friday evening we’re going to make sure our fuel tanks our full,” he says. “Our dump trucks empty.”

Tate has worked many kinds of storms over his seven years in the business, from snow storms to hurricanes.

But he says ice creates a unique problem that he hasn’t seen in quite some time.

“With an ice storm, we’re worried about the buildup,” he says. “Evergreens in particular can easily accumulate ice. That weight can bring down limbs fairly easily.”

In addition, older trees or leaning trees could be weighed down as well.

Leaves have fallen off which will certainly help, but ice can still create problems.

He recommends removing any dead wood and trim branches to thin out the trees.

Power lines are the other concern – especially if trees hit them.

Power companies say they’re prepared for the worst, just as Tate is.

“We do this day in and day out. It’s our duty to make this safe for everyone.”

Downed power lines and trees can be dangerous, and if you’re not sure how to deal with it, let those trained take care of it.

Stay with ABC 8 News on air and online throughout this and other winter storms that will affect our area this season.

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